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Date Scripture Listen
July 5thExodus 14:5-14Remember the Past Look to the Future
July 12thMark 4:35-41Stillness Amidst the Business (no recording)
July 19thIsaiah 40, Matthew 25:1-12God Calls Us to Wait
July 26thLuke 8:42b-48, Mark 5:21-34God Calls Us to Love God, Even When It Is Tough To
August 2ndLuke 5:1-11God Calls Us to Follow Him
August 9thMatthew 28:16-20,Acts 10:9-48God Calls Us to Reach Out
August 16thMatthew 7:1-6God Calls Us to Obedience
August 23rdEphesians 6:10-20Did You Forget Something?
September 6thMark 7:31-37Have You Praised Him Today?
September 13thMark 8:27-38It's A Bird, It's A Plane, No It's Jesus
September 20thJames 4:1-10Run from the Evil One
September 27thEsther 9:20-22If God Is for Us, Who Can Be Against Us?
October 11thMark 10:17-31Are You Willing to Sacrifice
October 25thJeremiah 31:31-41Have You Signed Your John Hancock?
November 1stJohn 11:17-27Who Has Impacted You?
November 8thMark 12:41-44Are You Willing to Give All You Have?
November 15thPsalm 146:1-6Creator of Heaven and Earth
November 22ndLuke 1:26-38A Real Man, Born to a Real Virgin
November 24thMatthew 6:25-33To Worry or Not to Worry
December 6thJohn 18:36-19:16A Man Remembered
December 13thLuke 24:50-52A Promise Fulfilled
December 20thJohn 16:5-16The Guidance That Leads Us Home
January 3rdMatthew 2:1-14Are We There Yet
January 10thLuke 3:15-22So What's the Point?
January 17th1 Corinthians 12:1-11Time to Open Your Gift
January 24th1 Corinthians 12:12-20,27-31Part of the Family
January 31st1 Corinthians 13:1-3How Do I Love?
February 7thLuke 9:28-36We See the Ripple In the Water
February 10th2 Corinthians 5:11-6:2Always Come Back to Christ
February 14thLuke 4:1-13Know Your Sword
February 21stJohn 5:16-30Home Is Where Your Heart Should Be
February 28thPsalms 63All In
March 6thLuke 15:11-32Which Brother Are You?
March 13thPhilippians 3:12-14Pursue or Retreat?
March 20thMatthew 21:1-11Will You Let God Use You?
March 24thJohn 13:1-17Make Me a servant
March 27thLuke 24:1-12Will You Run?
April 3rdJohn 20:19-31Believing Is As Easy As 1,2,3
April 10thActs 9:1-18Gradual Or Instantaneous?
April 17thPsalms 23Shepherd Leading Us
May 1stRevelations 21:1-7A New Heaven
May 8thLuke 24:44-53How Is It With Your Soul?
May 15thActs 2:1-21Do We Save People? The Answer Is No
May 22ndRomans 5:1-11Saved By Faith
May 29th1 Kings 18:17-24What Is Your Real God?
June 5thLuke 8:16-18Let Your Light Shine
June 12th2 Corinthians 9:6-15Why Do We Give?
June 19thMatthew 25:31-46Better Together
June 26th2 Kings 2:6-10What Are We Asking For?
July 3rdLuke 10:1-11Lift Each Other Up
July 10thRevelation 21:1-8Enough Is Enough
July 17thLuke 10:25-37Distractions Can Be A Gift From God
July 31thColossians 3:1-17WWJD
August 7thHebrews 11:1-12,17-31What Is Faith?
August 14thLuke 13:1-9Need For Repentance
August 21stDaniel 7:15-21,28God Is Bigger Than the Boogieman!
August 28thLuke 14:7-14Hospitality: What's That?
September 4thMatthew 7:7-12Praying Is Dangerous
September 11thMatthew 6:5-15We Call On His Name
September 18thLuke 13:18-21Thy Kingdom Come
September 25thJohn 6:35-40Daily Sustenance
October 2ndLuke 7:36-50Whom Do You Need to Forgive?
October 9thMatthew 26:36-46Stop Hitting Yourself
October 16thPsalm 145Power and Glory Forever
October 23rdMatthew 19:16-22Nominal Christianity
October 30thMatthew 28:16-20We Are the Church (George LeGrand)
November 6thLuke 19:1-10Tree Climber
November 13thJudges 6:11-24Big Buts
November 20thLuke 17:11-19Cry to Jesus
November 27thMatthew 7:24-27Got All Your Tools?
December 4thLuke 2:8Just Doing What We Do
December 11thLuke 2:10-14Won't They Be Scared?
December 18thLuke 2:1-7We Have to Do What? When?
December 24thLuke 2:1-20A Present All Wrapped Up
December 25thJohn 1:1-5God Is Here!
January 1stMatthew 25:31-46Care for One Another
January 8thMatthew 2:1-12Trick or Treat Christmas Style
January 15thJohn 1:35-42Jesus Invites
January 22ndMatthew 4:12-23Hook'em
January 29thMatthew 5:1-12Opposite Day
February 5thMatthew 18:15-20Why Are We Here? (George LeGrand)
February 12thMatthew 5:21-30Honor, Duty, Service, Healthiness
February 19thMatthew 5:13-16Seasoning Your Life
February 26thMatthew 17:1-11Stop Talking and Just Be!
March 1stMatthew 6:1-6Don't Toot Your Horn
March 5thMatthew 4:11Satan Knows Scripture Do You?
March 12thJohn 3:1-17Are You Willing to Follow
March 19thJohn 4:39-42Diary of an Outcast Woman
March 26thMatthew 28:16-20To Be a Disciple
April 2ndJoshua 2:1-14God Uses Rahab
April 9thMatthew 21:1-11God Uses the Masses
April 16thJohn 20:1-18God Uses Us While In Grief
April 16thMatthew 27:3-10God Could Have Used Judas
April 23rdActs 9:1-19God Uses Paul
April 30thLuke 24:13-27Walk to Emmaus
May 7thJohn 10:1-16Do You Know the Voice of God?
May 14thActs 7:55-60Our Safe Place
May 21stEphesians 4:17-31A New Beginning
May 28thJohn 14:15-27To Serve and Protect
June 4thActs 2:36-47Something New and Exciting
June 11thPsalm 8Lord of All Creation
June 18thMatthew 10:16-20God Will Teach You
July 2ndGenesis 22:3-14How Far Are You Willing to Go?
July 9thRomans 7:15-25Who Are You Going to Call?
July 16thRomans 8:9-11Are You Going to Heaven?
July 23rdMatthew 13:18-23Live In the Spirit
July 30thRomans 8:31-39Separation Phobia
August 6thJohn 14:1-14A Time to Mourn
August 13thMatthew 14:22-29Would You Jump?
August 20thMatthew 15:10-12,16-20What Comes Out of Our Mouth
August 27thExodus 2:5-10Substantial Withdrawal
September 3rdLuke 22:7-15RSVP Requested
September 10thMatthew 14:22-29Confessing Our Sin
September 17thExodus 3:3-8God of the Israelites
September 24thHebrews 8:7-12The God of the New Testament
October 1stLuke 22:14-23The Great Meal
October 8th1 Thessalonians 3:11-13Dismissal With a Blessing
October 15thExodus 32:7-10Given Up on God?
October 29thMatthew 22:34-40Law or Faith?
November 5thMatthew 5:1-12Great Homecoming
November 12thMatthew 25:1-13Run Out of Oil?
November 19thMatthew 25:14-21The Good Steward
November 26thEzekiel 34:11-16aThe True Shepherd
December 3rdProverbs 3:3-12The Grinch Stole Advent
December 10thMatthew 17:19-21Faith That Can Move Mountains
December 17thJob 17:1-16Hope in the Darkness
December 24thJohn 3:16-18Agape Love
December 24th1 Corinthians 13:4-13The Greatest of These Is Love(Candlelight Service)
December 31stMatthew 2:13-18How Do You Want to Be Remembered?